Little LumberJack Village (ages 6 months - 23 months)

Little LumberJack Village (ages 6 months - 23 months)
Category: Little LumberJack Village (ages 6 months - 23 months)

Our Little Lumberjack Tree Fort Village (formerly called “Little Monkey Village”) is a nature inspired playground specially designed for ages 6 months to 23 months. The bold, strong, built to last construction means that it’s rugged enough for adult care givers to climb all over it…. Playgrounds built of natural materials like our real cedar logs help connect children to nature and suggest pretend play themes in ways other products can not. The tactile and sensory properties of the logs used in our log playgrounds give little ones have the opportunity to touch, feel, crawl and climb on nature. Those who are familiar with log construction know that checking or cracks in the logs are completely natural. They add texture but they are not splinters. Instead they are a part of the logs rustic natural look and adds to the uniqueness of each piece. By connecting children with nature we can help avoid Nature Deficit Disorder. The emotional power that our real wood logs posses in it’s history, it’s organic qualities, and ability to create peaceful beautiful spaces, make it one of the most wonderful materials in the universe. Our log play events add visual harmony to most landscapes regardless of the architectural style of the surrounding structures. Nature and natural products are simply never out of style.
Little Lumberjack Village design options:The standard design includes two towers connected by a bridge, with a ramp on one side and a slide on the other in a “U” shape. This istandard design starts at $6,995. We now feature a flat bridge floor and flat floor access ramp with rigid hand support as “the standard” when you order. You have the option of ordering a bumpy log bridge floor and ramp with flexible rope hand support as a higher balance and challenge level at no additional charge. Shade umbrellas, easy stair access, multiple slides, bubble and tic tac toe panels are some of the other options available.You can mix and match the number of parts. You can have a different number of towers other than the standard two.
Important information on use zones for the Little Lumberjack Village:
Typically for playground equipment, you are required to have 6 feet of free space (use zone) around the outside of the equipment. For this 6-23 month age group, there are some exceptions/differences in the amount of use zone required.
If the equipment is in an unsupervised setting (open public parks, un-fenced play areas, a setting with unlimitde access, etc.), there still shall be a minimum use zone of 6 feet.
If the equipment is in an indoor or outdoor supervisied setting (fenced school areas, fenced child care facilty, etc.), the minimum use zone is lowered to 3 feet. This can help when is comes to trying to fit a structured into a smaller, most of the time fenced, area.
For our Little Lumberjack Village, some choose to backfill earth/dirt underneath the structure to make if feel like it is built into a hill. When this is done, protective safety surfacing like wood mulch is no longer required, so long that it is not built on top of a hard surface like concrete, asphault, or some other hard compacted material. You will see this in the Expressive Beginnings example below. This specific example still shows artificial turf, however grass would be acceptable .
You can also have us lower the deck height from the standard 24″ to less than 18″ in order to open up your options to install on top of grass rather than wood mulch.

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