How To Buy

How To Buy

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The process begins with a phone call or an email from you!

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We then produce a rough concept drawing. There is no cost or obligation for the drawing. They will include information like the size of the areas, itemized costs of the various components and events, shipping and / or delivery and installation cost. Drawings usually undergo revisions as more information becomes available to us, such as space available, budget, ages of the children, and your preferences. The process continues until we’ve designed the perfect, customized, natural playground for your needs.

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Finally, the drawing becomes our shop manufacturing and installation blue print. Manufacturing through installation, all processes possible are controlled “in-house” at our facility in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York. We are largely “manufacturer direct” to keep your costs down. The process is streamlined, and your overall experience is exceptional because it is under our direct control.

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