The Little Cowboy Up Playground

Brand new for 2016 our Little Cowboy Up prototype model Nature Inspired Playground and ideally suited for early childhood development. Constructed primarily with whole, round logs, the Cowboy Up makes your space beautiful and helps connect the kids to Nature and the Great Outdoors.
With the Little Cowboy Up we have combined an upper and a ground level playhouse with an entertaining upper deck. Children of varying abilities can be fully engaged with this playground. The upper deck is 3′ high above sub grade, or 2′ with 12″ of loose fill playground mulch. (See “Little Cowboy Up” for 0′ and 3′ decks). Naturally, the upper deck will attract the children with more advanced skill set. Rock Climb Walls, Our Easy Climb Access Component, ADA Transfer Station, Easy Stair option and various Slides options work excellent from this deck.
The Ground level components like our Bubble Panel, Ball Drop, Steel Steering Wheel, and Tic Tack Toe, Carved Mushrooms, Tree Hoppers, Ground Paw Hoppers, Pass Through Playhouse can makes great use of ground level space and help encourage play flow.


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