Hill Slide – Embankment Slide

Our Hill slide is available in a “do-it yourself kit form”. Heights and components are somewhat customizable depending upon the slide chosen and the access component.
This Hill Slide was developed for the Newark, New York Head Start Body Start and is ideal for children ages 2-5. Rather than just cutting the parts, we build the hill slide in our shop to make certain that it is just right. The bold, strong, built to last construction means that it’s rugged enough for adult care givers to climb all over it….
You provide the earth, engineering, safety features and installation. We can provide these components:
> preassembled framed deck 3′ x 8′ (available in 5/4 x 6″ cypress or brown colored composite decking) complete with in-ground footer posts.
> Slide
> Posts and Top Bars
> Access Components like this Bumpy Log Climber
> Safety Handles
> Warning Stickers
> Heavey Duty Rubber mats x 2 (2′ x 6′ almost 200 lbs , 5′ fall rating).
Playgrounds built of natural materials like our real cedar logs help connect children to nature and suggest pretend play themes in ways other products can not. The tactile and sensory properties of the logs used in our log playgrounds give little ones have the opportunity to touch, feel, crawl and climb on nature. Those who are familiar with log construction know that checking or cracks in the logs are completely natural. They add texture but they are not splinters. Instead they are a part of the logs rustic natural look and adds to the uniqueness of each piece. By connecting children with nature we can help avoid Nature Deficit Disorder.
The emotional power that our real wood logs posses in it’s history, it’s organic qualities, and ability to create peaceful beautiful spaces, make it one of the most wonderful materials in the universe. Our log play events add visual harmony to most landscapes regardless of the architectural style of the surrounding structures. Nature and natural products are simply never out of style.


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Hillslide Newark 2012


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