Downstate, NY.

Our Hundred Acre Wood Home Use Playground in Chris and Jacqui’s beautiful backyard in Downstate, NY.
Bears Playgrounds’ signature line of cedar log playgrounds is perhaps the best looking in the Universe. Whole log construction gives an organic, wholesome feeling that is striking in appearance. You will not find any bright orange colored wood or circus tent tops on a Bears Playground … just bold, strong, built to last designs, beautifully stained rustic wood and hunter green accents. Bears Playgrounds are designed to compliment the natural setting of any backyard.
Beautiful and strong . . . our posts are made from sturdy whole logs, approx 5″ in diameter. This is 60% more wood than our competitors’ 4×4″ construction and 273% more than 2×4″ construction. Those who are familiar with log construction know that it is subject to the natural process of “checking”. Checking or cracks occur across or through the growth rings as they release moisture. This is not a defect in the wood and does not affect the structural integrity. Instead, it is considered a part of the logs’ rustic natural look and adds to the uniqueness of each piece.




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Features: Ponderosa Playground: SM Tree Hugger, Prem. Tube Slide, Angled Climber, LG Torpedo Slide, Hammock Chair, High Bridge with Nets.

Ponderosa Playground: Telephone Pole Climber, LG Rock Wall, SM Rock Wall, Spiral Log Climber, Hammock Chair, SG Swing X2, Full Bucket, LG Torpedo Slide, Wooden Roofs X4.

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