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The Swiss Tree Fort Village is the Ultimate Playground. It combines the best features of the Proudest Monkey Tree Fort and Super Adventures of our incredible Ponderosa Playground, all connected by a fantastic Real Log Swinging Suspension Bridge that kids just love. Get it customized with our options and accessories just the way you want it (scroll down to see samples in the photo gallery).
Many customers load the lower structure with smaller kid activities like the Baby Rock Crawl, the Small Rock Wall, Small Tree Hugger Climber, Steering Wheel, Telescope, Periscope, etc… Kids have a ball crossing over the Suspension Bridge with optional netting, where customers load on bigger adventures like, the Large Rock Wall, Large Tree Hugger Climber, Inverted Rock Wall and our Bigger Slides.
Below we have provided a photo gallery of images of various custom designs for our customers. There are several pictures taken of each playground from different angles. Click on the image to view as larger image and a detailed description on the specific model.

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