As some of you know, my family and I just moved into a new home. As I think about this beautiful new place I am just overwhelmed with thankfulness. It seems that my life has come full circle. All the kind and loving people out there: friends, family, neighbor’s, people in the community, the church, suppliers, customers, employees and everyone who loves us, believes in us and who literally came to our rescue, years ago when our business (and nearly our home) burned to the ground. Thank you for helping us, propping us up and giving us the strength to continue. I hope that we have made you proud and I will never stop paying it back.

Feild Trip at Bears Playgrounds

A Field Trip to the Bears Playgrounds Factory produced fun and learning for kids. On Friday, February 10th the Bears Playground shop was filled with enthusiastic little children from Honeoye Falls Lima Primary School.  Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Howlett’s first grade classes toured our office and work shop learning about different tools used to build our nature inspired Bears’ playgrounds. This was in conjunction with lessons they were currently learning in their classrooms. The kids learned about saws for cutting, pulleys, incline planes and levers used for lifting heavy objects,  sanders, drills, screws and more. There was even time to play on the playgrounds in the yard at the end of the trip. We were proud to show off our playground factory and a good time was had by all….

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Cure Nature Deficit Disorder with a Playgrounds from Bears Playgrounds

Chance Bears defines Play, he does not have NDD!

Chance Bears defines "play", he does not have NDD!


“Nature-deficit disorder is not a medical condition; it is a description of the human costs of alienation from nature.  This alienation damages children and shapes adults, families, and communities.  There are solutions, though, and they’re right in our own backyards.”(Louv, R. 2005. Last Child in the Woods)

We believe in “nature” and we believe in “play”. We believe that the combination of the two are the cure for Nature Deficit Disorder. It is one of the inspirations for our mission.  To make our nature inspired playgrounds, we use Natural Materials, like our beautiful, whole, round Northern White Cedar logs with all their natural features. Our Bold, Strong and Built to last architecture beautifies children’s spaces, while capturing a child’s imagination. Our nature inspired products and natural materials help stimulate a child’s enthusiasm for nature. In short, our products facilitate learning, create opportunities for exercise, help build social skills and help provide a unique connection to the great outdoors.

The perfect playhouse


Our New Proudest Monkey Playhouse.Our “Proudest Monkey Children’s Playhouse” is custom made exclusively by the Bears Playground crew. We use real Northern White Cedar trees dipped in an environmentally friendly, brown colored, semi- transparent stain which highlight the beautiful wood grain and protects them from the elements. Our “Proudest Monkey Playhouse” is unique and nature inspired. We Woode…n Roofs are constructed of Cypress and provides protection from the elements and while the log spindled half walls provide an open feeling perfect for supervision in. The floors are made with composite decking.

The rustic nature of the playhouse suggests wonder imaginative play-themes for the children.

The playhouse can ship knocked down in a crate for onsite assembly or fully built on it’s own pallet so you can unload with a skid steer or fork like and deliver directly to the site. Approx 5′ x 6′, 660 lbs. $2,999 FOB our shop in Lima, NY 14485.


New Playhouse

Bears Playgrounds, Valas Pumpkin Farm, NE

Dreamin Big

More fun on the pumpkin farm!

Big Fun on the Pumpkin Farm

Dreamin Big on the Pumpkin Farm

“Dreamin’ Big” Fun on the Pumpkin Farm, Glen Falls, IL

The new line of accessories at Bears Playgrounds

Everyone knows that at Bears Playgrounds, we’re all about providing opportunities for children to experience nature and handcrafted natural materials. It helps children develop an appreciation for nature’s beauty. That is why we created Bears Natural Playgrounds, built primarily from cedar logs, and it is why we are now developing a beautiful line of outdoor classroom hardscape to compliment it!

Bears Playgrounds mountains.

The photo above features our popular mountains, which make an awesome addition to the periphery of any playground space.  We even have a mini version, great for toddlers (click here to see a detail page.)

If you own a Bears Natural Cedar Log Playground — or any playground for that matter — we have a wide range of accessories that are both beautiful and inspiring, and promote physical, emotional, and social growth in children.  How about a glockenspiel?

From our Musical Kids line, this instrument can be added as a stand-alone item, or can be worked into the existing design of a Bears Playground for a surprise play element!  Music and nature … what a perfect combination. In the preschool years, exploration is the primary benefit of exposure to musical instruments. Later, children learn to enjoy both hearing and making music. These products promote listening, language, math, and science skills. Many instruments have roots in other cultures, and thus can assist in multi-cultural studies.  You can check out these Bears Playgrounds specially featured products by clicking here.

Want to add wheelchair accessibility to your playground?  We have accessories and solutions …

The addition of a simple ramp (shown at left) can provide access up and over the border of a playground, and eliminates the barrier that a simple step represents to kids with disabilities.  For ADA compliance, we have a custom ADA transfer station (middle photo above), at the right height for children who use wheelchairs to get onto the playground structure, and engage the equipment.

Or try our Side Walk Climber (above right).  While not technically an accessibility item, it provides an easy way up that many children with limitations find challenging and fun.  For more ideas, visit our Accessories page.

Another new favorite is the faux tree stump.

These hand-crafted pieces are made from reinforced concrete, and we make them in varying heights, perfect for play.  They can be used as seats or stand-alone play items; they can be hopped on, from one to the next; and they can be used to  functionally play link different areas of the playground.  The detailing on these pieces is something we’re proud of: real bark texture, peeled bark areas, checking, and knots.  Click here for more information.

Most people don’t stop with their finished playground … there is always room to accessorize!